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Squamous Cell Carcinoma ... Still Dodging Bullets

Written Aug 28, 2012 3:21pm 

The last 48 hours

Monday 7:00 am , Went to Chattanooga, dropped Karen and Lillie at chemo doctor for check up ... Jo was there to meet with them. Lillie is good to go for another month!

Rushed over to the eye doc for emergency eye check for an amoeba floating around in the lens. After eye dilation the eye doc said it was normal aging process not an amoeba!
10:30 ... went back to chemo doc, got my weekly dose of chemicals, and picked up Karen/Lillie. Dropped Lillie off in Valley Head and headed to Bham for pre-op appt at 3:30 with skin cancer Doc.

Along these same lines, this morning at approximately 6:30, Dr Monheit in Bham, cut out a portion of the outside mouth below the lip. Following 50 minutes he came in and said, "we got all the cancer through a vertical ventuscular inclusion section and now will repair you with a cum sum lada Efrem Zimblas, Jr technique". I excitedly replied, " sounds good to me".
Got home at 11:30 am with a fat face and accompanying fat lip. I look like the "blob that ate Milwaukee".

With all this said, the good Lord is still blocking all the fiery bullets coming our way, so he must have plans for me and mine.

 " and he must needs go to Samaria."

My mom, "mother Mary, had the same technique performed last week on her leg and is doing great!

Karen, I and all our families appreciate the many thoughts and prayers from all !

It humbles us greatly.

Cheers from Valley Head
Karen and Mark

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