the beat goes on ....



The beat goes on ...

Written Aug 12, 2012 5:51pm
  Martin colony I host and caretake ......

Sorry it has taken so long to update from our trip to Little Rock...but I'm almost 61 ... ain't it great!!!

The great news first .... STILL IN REMISSION!!!!!! and Dr.W says the prognosis is for a long and fruitful life. Even though we do not live in San Francisco I can deal with the fruit part.

Karen and I were in Arkansas last week for the 6 month roundup test. Everything is green and go.

Also, saw the dermatologist as a routine and they (2) found two squamous cell carcinomas which were biopsed. They are cancer and now am scheduled for a MOHS  surgery on both. I hope they leave some of my face.
As September and football season approaches, I, being of good faith and sound mind, wore my Auburn national championship shirts throughout the hospital for 2 days. None the less, you can certainly appreciate the many random and off the cuff links remarks hurled my way. After all, I was 3 years old the last time Auburn won a national championship.

After many comments and serious discussion of the upcoming fall frenzy, one theme kept being asked of me.

What is the difference between Auburn and Alabama fans?
What a philosopical question to ponder ... in Little Rock Arkansas.
Several days of deep thought and sleepless nights consumed my brain on this question. Here is what I came up with:

  • Most Auburn fans went to Auburn and actually studied ...possibly even graduating
  • Most Alabama fans buy a butt ugly marone vehicle of some sort and put A's all over it ... go figure
  • Most Alabama fans are really not from Alabama but above the Mason Dixon which we do not recognize as civilization.
  • Most Alabama fans ALWAYS wear a hat or shirt or pants with Alabama plastered on it... every day... can you say give it a break
  • Most Auburn fans are polite , courteous and intelligent ... need say more
  • Auburn fans celebrate victories in the spirit of sports... Alabama fans tend to appreciate the poisoning of trees and defamtion of character. Hey its a stupid football game!!
  • Most Auburn fans live in houses ... bama fans tend towards mobile homes
Welll thats about enough of that rant as I'm sure someone is po out there in la la land.

Karen is still fighting her knot on shoulder from surgery. However, not much if anything can be done about it.. so she just keeps on going about her duties ... no problem.

Probably doing better than anyone, Lillie continues to amaze all of us. She now walks around doing flowers , yard stuff without any walker...cooks when she wants and does all her house chores by herself. Also drives to town and mailbox to do whatever. All this without being too bucky. Unbelievable!!

May God forgive me.. to tired to go to church today but the wine must flow...... have mercy.
Tonight is a Chateau Gazin Rocquencourt 2005 .... very balanced on the get go.. hints of red berries and marbled glass ... could be a sleeper of the vintage .... 89 MAF ....not bad for 12 bucks


Mark and Ka

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